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April (Late) Dev blog

Special Customers

During the month of April and May, my focus is on giving a deeper meaning to the weapons you create and the customers you create them for. Instead of just making a weapon, selling it and never seeing it again, i'm adding permanent characters in the world that you can walk by and say hi to. You will be able to see the weapons and armor they have and see the stats on them as well. This along with other ideas i'm working on, that Ill talk about another time, will hopefully make for a more interesting experience for players.

Also, there will be numerous bug fixes and changes. Shields and Axes will be fully implemented.

You will also be dipping your heated weapons into oil instead of water which does make more sense. The smelter will be implemented along with Alloys, mining woodcutting and a grinder which ties in to weapon stats. Also, there will be an introduction to taxes... to make your life more exciting:)

That's all I wanted to say for today.

Keep smiling and smithing.

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