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Patch 0.0.82 Released

Hey Blacksmiths,

Patch 0.0.82 has been released and fixes game breaking issues as well as smaller issues.

Thank you all for your patience. Enjoy :)

Patch 0.0.82

  • Added - Update Blacksmith character model in first person view.

  • Added - Patron Names added

  • Added - Customers now sport a beard

  • Added - Animation to crouching

  • Added - Player save location. Player will load outside of cave if you save inside.

  • Added - Grips, if stolen, will be flagged as stolen and Customers will not purchase them.

  • Added - You can now ride the wagon by left clicking the bench.

  • Added - A furnace to destroy any object you don’t want.

  • Added - Experience can be gained by mining and cutting trees and splitting logs

  • Added - Experience gained will scale based on the weapon metal type you create.

  • Added - Player can get tired. There are 2 levels of fatigue. 16 hours and 24 hours.

  • Added - Crates now have lids and objects inside will no longer move once closed.

  • Added - Save function for Horse, wagon, logs and firewood

  • Fixed - Smelter: Placing any object along with wood/coal and removing the fuel would still cause the burner to be on indefinitely.

  • Fixed - Crate next to second house won’t spawn infinites

  • Fixed - Ores/Coal and Stone won’t spawn in multiples of two on every save/load

  • Fixed - Clock hands function has been inverted.

  • Fixed - Run keybind should save

  • Fixed - Grips in the shop can’t be picked up anymore.

  • Fixed - Main Menu music will loop.

  • Fixed - Shop sign color and font will save.

  • Fixed - Horse and Wagon are more stable.

  • Fixed - Added despawn timer to Stone.

  • Fixed - Cooled blades won’t set off cooldown fx with Oil

  • Fixed - Sandbox/Shop mode button fix.

  • Fixed - Items won’t float in air if you throw it in the air and hit ALT.

  • Fixed - Better description for Selection Wheel

  • Fixed - Can no longer equip same metal type tool over current equipped tool of the same metal.

  • Fixed - Increased weapon detection view distance for customer.

  • Fixed Better rotation for picked up objects.

  • Fixed - Ingots no longer display green outline when created.

  • Fixed - FPS issues when nearing cave

  • Fixed - Can no longer turn ingots that are on the anvil with other ingots not on Anvil.

  • Fixed - Hammer heads should now properly heat up on the smelter.

  • Fixed - Buttons on Graphic settings should keep their state on load.

  • Fixed - Lighting inside house

  • Fixed - Item rotation will no longer reset when Alt is released

  • Fixed - All weapons heads now will spawn in the center of the anvil.

  • Fixed - Decrease volume in Main Menu

  • Fixed - Increase volume maximum in game.

  • Fixed - HammerHead should now display its status properly when heated on the forge.

  • Fixed - Removed Pickaxe and grip on start.

  • Fixed - You can no longer mine depleted veins

  • Fixed - Adjustments to Ambient Occlusion flickering on screen.

  • Fixed - Short blades inheriting the ingot type of the last weapon head created regardless of its metal type.

  • Fixed - Customer will not refuse any weapon no matter how many there are of the same type

  • Fixed - Ore veins will reset after 24 hours.

  • Fixed - Adjusted volume for when trees fall.

  • Fixed - Duping on the anvil will not be possible.

  • Fixed - Some assets materials have been adjusted.

  • Fixed - Items created on table will have their positions/rotations reset so as to avoid objects clipping into the table.

  • Changed - 2nd house now is open to walk thru

  • Changed - Shop sign

  • Changed - Creates have collision after you drop them

  • Changed - Removed most of the fog

  • Changed - Ore veins have had their drop chances adjusted and changed their rarity.

  • Changed - Tree fall increased

  • Changed - Brightness of day and night. Lanterns will be heavily used at night.

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